“The Vienna Project is a gift to this city,” Hannah Lessing, Secretary General, National Fund of the Republic of Austria

THE CULTURE OF MEMORY: Art & technology in the public space

The Vienna Project is the first public art memorial of its kind in Europe and the first public naming memorial in Vienna to represent seven different groups of persecuted victims of National Socialism at once, while preserving group affiliations. Developed as an enduring performance, The Vienna Project forges a dynamic relationship between history and performance art, video projections, street art, and Holocaust education.

  • Granddaughter of Holocaust victims and a transnational artist, directs a 21st century international memorial project.
  •  Takes reader inside The Vienna Project linking theory with practice.
  •  Introduces an interactive and participatory model of memorialization.
  • Integrates ideas about criticality and agency with activities of remembrance.
  •  Presents innovative technologies that support inclusion and embrace difference.
  •  Advances new concepts of activism leading to cultural transformation.
  •  Provides fresh content for building new coursework and curriculum on pertinent topics.

Karen Frostig, author, artist, scholar, activist
Associate Professor, Lesley University
Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University

“Herein lies the strength of The Vienna Project: It is so varied and alive that it is able to reach a huge audience,” Margit Fischer, First Lady of the Republic of Austria



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