Archived Documents

A series of documents, fliers, posters, and online registration portals were developed to ease organizational overhead, as well as facilitate public access to different programs. This aided our relatively small operating budget, which often prevented us from hiring personnel for outreach. While we did not always succeed in reaching new audiences via the web site, overall outreach was extensive. We experimented with multiple forms of communication, from personal contact to newsletters, to emails, to Facebook, Twitter, and the project Blog, to surface mail, and to guerrilla marketing.

Reviewing these records as a collection of documents provides another form of project documentation, indicating at a glance, the pace and development of the project.  Some of these forms can be downloaded (by clicking text) and adapted for use by other goups wanting to develop similar programs.

2013 Pre-project Development


1. Teaching Seminar Flier


2. Seminar

3. Seminar program

4. Teaching Resources for Holocaust education

5. Listing of digital tools and resources for the classroom


6. Volunteer fliers 

7. Volunteer tasks-online signup

8. “Call for Student Activism” 

9. T-shirts

10. Project logo

11. Kickstarter website and video and link



12. Save the date   

13.  Project press release

14. OTS Press release for opening

15. Poster for Opening 

16. Program auf Deutsch

17. Program Booklet for Opening auf Deutsch, 12 pages

18. Parcour des Erinnerns

19. Panels for opening: Sponsors and Team

20. 38 Sites

21. Smartphone app




22. Performance guidelines 

23. Performance online registration 

24. Performance fliers 


25.Community Meetings/forums online portal 


26. Calendar 


27. Guided tours flier 

28. Guided tour bibliography

29. Holocaust curricula for 38 sites

30. Outdoor Seminars


31. Soliciting archival letters

32. Letter submission online Portal 

33. Soliciting teachers and students 

34. Permission from city for readings



35. Save the date


36. Announcement  mailed invitation-four pages

37. VIP Invitation


38. Public invitation 


39. Poster 

40. Program

41. Library floor plan

42. Josefsplatz projection plan

43. Printed program booklet, 8 pages

44. Press Release 

45. OTS Press Release for closing

46. Evaluation survey


 1. “Introducing The Vienna Project

2. “Kickstarter campaign: Mapping 1938 Vienna”

3. “Mapping 1938 Vienna” Kickstarter website

4. “Team News”

5. “Pre-Invitation for Opening Events”

6. “Updated Message”

7. “Invitation and Program: The Odeon Theater and Parcour der Erinnerns”

8. “Reminder: You’re Invited”

9. “Reminder: Sidewalk Sprays for Pogromnacht”

10. “Thank you | The Vienna Project”

11. “Ongoing programs”

12. “The Culmination of The Vienna Project

13. “Naming Memory”

14. “Summer update”[UNIQID]

15. “Call for Letters”

16. “The Vienna Project Newsletter”

17. “Closing Program”

18. “Closing Ceremony Tonight”

19. “Closing Events”

20. “A Full Year of The Vienna Project. 2013-2014”

21. “Closing Video”

22. “The Vienna Project: From Opening to Closing”

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