16. January 2015 “Memoires de passeurs, passeurs de memoires”
Institute für Soziologie, Universität Wien
Jérôme Segal, Historian, The Vienna Project
1090, Rooseveltplatz 2

21. January 2015 Book Reception from TVP Performance Programm “Vergessen I Erinnern”  at MuseumsQuartier (MQ) 19:00, on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Gerald Bast Rektor der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Ferdinand Schmatz Institut für Sprachkunst, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Es lesen
Esther Dischereit, Maria Oberrauch, Saskia Warzecha, und andere
To order the book go to

26. February 2015 12:30
Karen Frostig, Founding Director
“What Happens When We Forget to Remember?”
Women’s Studies Research Center
Epstein Building, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA USA

Rachel Hirschhaut. ( 27 February 2015). Lecture Explore Holocaust Remembrance in Austria, Editorial. Brandeis Hoot, p. 11. Retrieved from

18. March 2015 10:00
Jérôme Segal, Historian, The Vienna Project
Jewish Museum Wien
Dorotheergasse 11, 1010 Wien

Frostig, K. (Spring 2015). Goodbye, Vienna Project: Yearlong commemorative project ends with spectacular projection. Austrian Studies Magazine, 27,22-23. Retrieved from

27. March 2015 “Return: A tentative story about transformation”
Karen Frostig, Founding Director 
Crossing Borders — Blurring Borders
Annual Conference of the Austrian Studies Association
University of Michigan-Dearborn, Michigan

15. April 2015 12:30-6 pm
Jérôme Segal, Historian, The Vienna Project
Intercultural Memory in the Public Space
Multicultural Centre Prague
Drtinova 557/10, Prague 5–Smichov

May 2015 Memories under the Microscope
Excursions with Ildiko Meny, 16:00-20:00

June 2015  “Cultivating Memory in an Urban Setting”
Karen Frostig, Founding Director 
 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Social Change
Tenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
University of Split, Croatia

July 2015 “Negotiating the Culture of Public Memory in Vienna”
Karen Frostig, Founding Director
Comparative Analysis of 20th Century Genocide
 The Twelfth Meeting of the International Association of Genocide Scholars
American University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

TBC 2016  Performance: Video projection on corner near the canal at Gredlerstraße/ Lilienbrunngasse, 1020 Wien, with artist Stefan Arztmann

TBC 2016   Academic Symposium:  “The Vienna Project: Challenges of Representation Regarding Multiple Victim Groups,” in partnership with the Wien Museum and the Wiesenthal Institute

TBC 2017  19:00 Academic Symposium:  “Using Technology to Sponsor New Methodologies of Remembrance” in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum in NYC

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