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Dr. Karen Frostig, President and Artistic Director of The Vienna Project, is an interdisciplinary artist, author, educator and cultural historian. Frostig exhibits her work internationally and lectures extensively in Europe and across the US on topics encompassing critical theory, visual art, feminist theory, social activism, public art, collective memory, Holocaust history and education. Recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, she is a Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University and an Associate Professor at Lesley University in the United States, and holds dual citizenship in Austria. Her earlier project “Exiled Memories,” commemorating the 70th anniversary year of the Anschluss, represented a transnational, inter-generational conversation about the Holocaust. The memory panels are permanently installed at the University of Vienna’s Institute for the Philosophy of Law. Frostig’s grandparents and sixteen members of her family were among 66,000 Jewish Austrian citizens, deported to the death camps of eastern Europe, between 1941 and 1942. Her family’s narrative became the impetus for the memorial project.

Project Team

Dr. Rubina Möhring, Moderator for closing: Historian, journalist, moderator. Longtime TV journalist and journalism lecturer.  Representative of the international NGO Reporters Without Borders. Weekly Blog  press freedom watchdog on . Born in Berlin living in Vienna (AT)

Kabren Levinson, Chief Technology Officer  (US)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jérôme Segal, Historian and Researcher for 38 sites and Video Interviews of Survivors (FR/AT)  

Dr. Georg Traska, Master of Ceremonies/Opening Events and Oral Historian (AT)

Dr. Ildiko Meny, Curator for Performance Art (ES)

Johanna Taufner, Social Media Manager, PR Coordinator, and Communication Specialist (AT)

Dipling Peter Mlczoch, Translator and general consultant (AT)

Mag.phil. Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl, Grant Reporter (AT)

Christian Wind, Photographer (AT)

Margot Landl, Assistant blogger (AT)

Shachar Brenner, Computer Programmer/Database Designer (IS)

Sonja Danner, Education Coordinator for “Reading Marathon” (AT)

Marianne Windsperger, Organize archival letters for “Reading Marathon and letter reading facilitator (AT)

Mag. MA. Philipp Reichel, Reader of Archival  Letters (AT)

Maxi Neuwirth, Reader of Archival Letters (AT)

Natascha Sulz, Streaming “Closing Ceremony” to website–qnipp GmbH (AT)

Margret Vince, Translator and transcriber for archival letter readings (UK)

Brittain Smith, Translator for archival letter readings (US)

Sydney Ogidan, 2013 Producer for the Odeon Theatre Opening (AT)

Artists in partnership with the University of Applied Arts

Univ.-Ass. MMag.Art Elisabeth Wildling, Projection Memory Artist, Department of  Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts, Flaktürme Tower Projection and “Parcours des Erinnerns” (AT)

Desiree Heusl, Graphic Designer (AT)

Mag. Natasa Siencnik, Graphic Designer, Department of Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts (AT)

Mathias JankoVideographer, Department of Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts (AT)

Axel Wolf Bierbaum, Videographer, University of Applied Arts (AT)

Uni.-Lekt.Mag.Art Niki Passath, Department of Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts, “Parcours des Erinnerns”  (AT)

Univ.-Prof. Mag.Art. Brigitte Kowanz, Head of the Department of  Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts, Flaktürme Tower Projection  (AT)

Univ.-Lekt.Mag.Art Nikolaus Gansterer, Memory Map, Department of  Transmedia Art, University of Applied Arts, Memory Map for Smartphone App (AT)

Anna Scher, Memory Map assistant

Birgit Graschopf, Photographer

Archival letters from: Lucy Gandsas, Danny Frankel, Karen Frostig, Donald. O. Kollisch and his family, Vladimir Melamed, Ellen Schoen, Miriam Keesing, Julie Jones and Dennis Jones, Judith Stratton, Ruth Wolman

Univ.-Lekt.Mag.Art Waltraud Jungwirth, Department of Design / Grafik und Werbung, University of Applied Arts, Stencil Design for Sidewalk Installation (AT)

Rosa Czernin and Liza Schluder, Stencil Sprayers, University of Applied Arts (AT)

AProf. Dr. Peter Stoeckl, Department of Design / Grafik und Werbung, University of Applied Arts (AT)

Univ.-Prof.Dr.phil. Ferdinand Schmatz, Institute of Creative Writing, University of Applied Arts/Universität fûr angewandte, Text imaging in Memory Zones

Esther Dischereit, Institute of Creative Writing (DE)

Technologist in partnership with Kapsch AG in cooperation with CSS GmbH

Isabel Bimstingl, at CSS, Software Mobile Coaching

Johannes, Widmann, MSc,  at CSS, Software Mobile Coaching

Hans-Peter Zillner,  MSc,  at CSS, Software Mobile Coaching

Professors conducting research from the University of Vienna

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Hans Safrian, Leading Research Seminar, Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna, Research Seminar (AT)

Faculty-led Summer Seminar, Institute for Legal Philosophy, Law and Culture, University of Vienna, Research Seminar (AT)

Educators in partnership with Erinnern.AT

Dr. Maria Ecker, Curriculum Coordinator for Erinnern.AT, Teaching Seminar Leader (AT)

Hannah Landsmann, Director of Education at the Jewish Museum Vienna, Teaching Seminar presenter (AT)


Kate Melchior. Tour Researcher and Guide, Fulbright Austrian Combined Research and USTA Grant, U.S. Department of State; and Visitor Study appointment with FRA (US/AT)

Barbara Merson, Researcher, grant writer, evaluation consultant, Lesley University Ph.D. student in Educational Leadership, a joint program with Hebrew College

James Parsons, Researcher and Coordinator of 2013 Kickstarter Campaign, Lesley University Graduate School of Intercultural Relations (US)

Josilyn Sacks, Researcher, Brandeis University (US)

Katherine Bleth, Researcher and translator, HBI, Brandeis Univeristy (US)

Tamar Segev, Researcher, HBI, Brandeis Univeristy (US)

Hesper Juhnke, Coordinator of 2014 Kickstarter Campaign, Lesley University Expressive Therapies (US)


Tilmar Hansen, Vice President

Gabriele Vinzenz, Chief Accountant

MMag. Roman Rericha, Rechtsanwalt/Attorney at Law, Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH (AT)

George Wolf, Translator and Independent scholar, active on behalf of IKG Vienna and The Blue Card (US)

Victoria Abplanalp, Researcher, Graduate student in Law and International Development at the Vienna University (AT)

Mara Haas, Reading Marathon project assistant

Veronika Bezinsky, Research assistant

Adam Rashkoff, Reseaerch assistant

Marliese MendelResearcher and Blogger,  University of Vienna, Department of Contemporary History (AT)

Hans Kirszen, Photographer

Holocaust Study Group, Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University, Chair: Karin Rosenthal with Shulamit Reinharz, Rachel Munn,  and Ornit Barkai (US)

“Friends of 1938” Committee, Chair Philip Speiser with Deborah Smulian-Siegel, Ellen Krechmer, George Hein, Leslie Karten, and Vivien Marcow Speiser (US)

Jennie Carvill,  Previous Manager and Project Consultant  (UK/AT)

Katherine Herzog, President of East Coast Consulting, Inc. (US)

Mary Deane, Researcher and Grant writing assistant  (US)

Molly Roza, Previous Manager (US/AT)

Ruby Gottlieb, Principal, The Media Advisory (US)

Judith F. Baca, Distinguished Professor University of California, Los Angeles and Founder and Artistic Director of Social and Public Art Resource Center (US)

Sandra Mueller, Independent artist and outreach specialist, Los Angeles (US)

Lydia Carmichael, Student intern, Williams College, MA (US)



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