Antecedents to memorial project

2002 — “Earth Wound” project, Newton Andover Theological School

2008 — “Exiled Memory” project, permanently installed at University of Vienna’s Institute for Philosophy of Law

Project Inception

2009 — Idea for Danube Memorial Project

2010-2012 — Revisions give rise to The Vienna Project

Public Presentation and Preparation: March 12, 2013

Press Release, Newsletter, Blog, Kickstarter campaign

Research Seminar, University of Vienna, Spring 2013

Stencil Fabrication, University of Applied Arts, Spring 2013

“Parcours des Erinnerns”, University of Applied Arts, Spring 2013

Memory Map by artists Nikolaus Gansterer, Summer 2013

Law Seminar, University of Vienna, Summer 2013

Smartphone app development

Phase One: 23. October 2013

Opening Ceremony at the Odeon Theatre with “The Philharmonics” ensemble and readings by Robert Schindel and Sandra Selimovic, followed by “Parcours des Erinnerns” / video projections at the Salztorbrücke along the Danube Canal

Mapping Vienna and Sidewalk Installation Program at 38 sites–stencil sprays of memory spaces

Teaching Seminar, October 28, 2013

Pogromnacht events, November 6th-9th

Performance Art at Memory Spaces, ongoing

Permanent installation of Memory Map at the Jewish Museum Wien, April 2014

Guided tours, April & May 2014

Survivor Interviews  spring & fall, 2014

Community Forums, spring & fall,  2014

Phase Two: 18. October 2014

“Reading Marathon” at 27 of the 38 Memory Sites on 17. October 2014

Closing Ceremony at the Austrian National Library at the Hofburg Palace on 18. October 2014

“Naming Memorial” projections at Josefsplatz at the Hofburg Palace on 18. October 2014

“Memory Map Installation and Panel” with Karen Frostig, Nikolaus Gansterer, Danielle Spera and Werner Hanak, Jewish Museum Vienna, 3. November 2014

Website and Smartphone app maintained

2015: Documentation and Development 

Semi-permanent Memory Site Stencils, in progress

Academic Symposia “The Vienna Project: The Challenges of Representation Regarding Multiple Victim Groups”, (TBC) in partnership with Wien Museum and the Wiesenthal Institute

Public Symposia “Art, Technology, Memory, and Memorialization: New Approaches to Remembering Austrian Victims of National Socialism”, (TBC) in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum in NYC

Book publication, in progress

Project Video, in progress

Traveling exhibition, sited for the US, Israel, Germany, and Poland  (TBC)

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