Digital Memorial

Online Installation

Developed as an educational tool and consistent with design specifications for the Flak-Türme Tower projections, an image of a digital memorial will be installed on the project web site at the conclusion of the project, as an enduring expression of memory. Working with three databases, the digital image will feature the names of 80,000+ victims and coded text for 14,000 dissidents, homosexuals, and victims of euthanasia, as primary content. Group affiliations will be preserved through symbolic means and static text will combine with interactive elements to create new communities of remembrance.

The memorial site will open with groupings of victim’s names appearing in a random order. Each time the page loads, the order will change, thus diffusing notions of rank. Once the page is fully loaded, names will disappear in an orchestrated sequence that corresponds with prevailing patterns of persecution. Information regarding numbers of victims pertaining to each group will be integrated into the overall design, fostering fresh opportunities for critical reflection.

Visitors will be able to zoom-in to view thousand of names and then hundreds of names at once, or zoom-out to recapture the daunting scale of loss that characterizes this period of history.

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