The Vienna Project: Teaching Seminar Program

9:00     Introductions and Program Overview

9:30      The Vienna Project: Memorialization practice and human rights education

Prof. Dr. Karen Frostig, President and Artistic Director, The Vienna Project, Associate Professor
Lesley University Graduate School of Education, and Resident Scholar at Brandeis University

Handout Material, distributed by Katrina Vyzaldova, FRA intern.  Literature from Equality and Citizen’s Rights Department, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

10:30   Break

10:45    Holocaust Education in Vienna

Hannah Landsmann, Director of Education at the Jewish Museum Vienna
Adalbert Wagner, Chairperson of Gedenkdienst
Dr. Maria Ecker, Program Coordinator at Erinnern.AT

12:00    Lunch break

13:30    The 38 memory spaces: Smartphone app and digital tools for educators

Karen Frostig, Introduction of sites and smartphone app

13:45   Thematic Tours

Overview of actual and virtual tours, thematic development, adaptations for different age groups, incorporating eye-witness and survivor interviews. Registration information.

Kate Melchior, Fulbright Austrian Combined Research and USTA Grant, U.S. Department of State; research focus: “Monuments and Memory: Examining Contemporary Austrian WWII and Holocaust Remembrance” and Visitor Study appointment with FRA

14:20    Break

14:30    Digital Audio Interviews

Introduction to digital audio programming and radio broadcasting with opportunities for student involvement. Developing a questionnaire. Accessing equipment and uploading
audio tapes to the web site.

 Gilda Horvath, Roma-Radio Redaktion des ORF and ORF-Burgenland, Radio Broadcaster specializing in podcast development and educational programming

 JohannaTaufner, Graduate student at University of Vienna, Social Media Administrator and project blog

15:20     Performance art in the 38 memory spaces

 Ildiko Meny, Public health and medicine with specialization in education and child development, and a freelance curator

15:35    Wrap up: registration for audio interviewing program, evaluation forms

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